August 2012

Dry Port of Uruguaiana granted license to operate new products

The Highway Dry Port of Uruguaiana (RS), managed by Elog, announced yesterday, on August 6, the obtaining of a license from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply to store new food products. Now, in addition to whey, milk powder and butter oil, the unit is also able to operate with fish, cheese, and butter.

To receive the license from the Ministry, the port was required to make adjustments that include the implementation of a specific area for storage of goods, locations suitable for checking the items, equipped with a kitchen and a laboratory, and staff training. According to the manager of the Dry Port of Uruguaiana, Flávio Evaristo, business opportunities in the food industry are expected to be expanded. “With a license obtained last year, we are now handling new products, especially whey, which has required 50 operations to one customer alone”.

In operation since 2003, Uruguaiana is Latin America’s largest dry port, with 167,000m2 of total area, 12,000m2 of warehouses, and capacity for 800 trucks. The unity has approximately 200 employees, who are responsible for the provision of weighing, storage, lay day, handling, labeling and sealing services. The main goods stored in the port are food products, beverages, and cosmetics.